Nonprofits should regularly assess their organization and processes to ensure compliance with the following legal formalities:

  • -Initial 501 (c ) (3) Filing
  • -Making sure your organization has all needed forms and documents
  • -Monitoring by the Board
  • -Personnel/Employment
  • -Filings and Reports
  • -Liability Protection
  • -Operations
  • -Transactions

With fifteen years of experience in 501 compliance, we are able to file all your necessary paperwork including but not limited to:

  • -Federal filings of beginning 501 paperwork to receive a 501 exemption, EIN’s, 990 filings;
  • -State exemption and compliance forms;
  • -County and City exemption filings
  • -Required documents, bylaws, & Ministry Contracts
  • -Employee and Contractor compliance
  • -W2’s & 1099 compliance
  • -Payroll
  • -Bookkeeping & financials
  • -990 non-profit federal filings

If you don’t maintain compliance, eventually your organization can lose their non-profit status. Our firm has extensive experience in this area. Whether your organization is a church or other 501(c)3, here are 6 reasons you should choose LS Bookkeeping and Tax Services:

-We know how to keep you compliant

-We can go over your organizational documents and make sure your nonprofit is in compliance with local, state, and Federal law requirements.

-We can help you build your organization from the ground up

-We can do all of your incorporated papers, your bylaws, and your tenet of faith

-We can file the needed paperwork at the federal, state and local level, as well as Church Documents.

-We can do your organization’s books, fill out all the required federal and state forms, do your needed budgets and projections, prepare your information for the board meetings, file your 501(c)(3) paperwork, keep you compliant in all governmental requirements, and train your personnel to keep all paperwork current.